Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Primark stationery

Last week I mentioned having no haul for the month of February, because I didn't buy anything. However, I still managed to sneak in a cute product from Primark before March has started!

These were my very first Primark stationery purchases, which I already shared in my December/January haul. I primarily visit Primark to score make-up and basics, and was super enthusiastic when I spotted a stationery section at the kids/tech department!

I ran into this pretty set a few days ago and just couldn't leave it there for €3! Even though I've got way to many paperclips in my posession, I simply found the marble and rose gold angular paperclips irresistable!

In the set are 80 push pins, 12 angular paperclips (6 marble, 6 rose gold), 30 big paperclips (15 white, 15 rose gold), and 100 small white paperclips.

Take note that Primark has a changing collection and that items sell out fast! So if you might visit Primark one day, make sure you take some extra euro's with you, just in case you run into some cute stationery!