Saturday, May 14, 2016

Food Files V (Rain, De Vegetarische Slager)

Rack of lamb w/ Texas fries

In today's Food Files some veggie food from De Vegetarische Slager you can eat at home ánd dinner at a nameless restaurant!

I'm not sure what the name of this restaurant is although I've had lunch/dinner there numerous times! It used to be club Rain, but according to the Internet it's  a restaurant belonging to hotel Royal Amsterdam now. Antyways, although I pretty much always order the loaded nachos, this would ruin my current pescatarian diet. So I opted for the seafood platter! 

Mixed fish platter w/ grilled corn

Club & Bar Rain / Royal Amsterdam (Amsterdam)

Zuchetti, cucumber, tomato & spinach salad w/ chicken nuggets
mc2 burger
Veggie junkfood yaaas! The 'chicken nuggets' taste just like chicken meat, and the burger reminded me of those vacuum burgers by UNOX (in other words; tasted like meat).

De Vegetarische Slager (e.g. at Albert Heijn)