Thursday, May 5, 2016

Food Files II (Teppanyaki Bar, Suvi)

Kimchi soup w/ seafood

In today's Food Files some Asian food, Vietnamese and Japanese! I've already written a full review of Teppanyakibar before, but this time I tried out food that fitted my current pescatarian way of life. The same holds for the other restaurant named Suvi. I've had many pleasant experiences with their takeout food, but I'd never actually set foot in their restaurant. Likewise, when I finally got to dine-in I chose something pescatarian approved!

Again, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! If you want to read my thoughts on other dishes these places serve, read my previous reviews on them (Teppanyakibar, Suvi)!

Rib eye steak w/ noodles & black pepper sauce

Teppanyakibar (Amsterdam)

Nem Quan Tom

Pho Hai San

Pho Bo

Suvi (Amsterdam)