Monday, March 21, 2016

The Happy Planner 2016/17 + extension pages (review)

If you're a subbie of my YouTube channel you might've seen my Scrobby unboxing/haul/first impression! I recently ordered my first legit planner, courtesy of my so, who couldn't stand to watch me spend so much time and effort on creating my own planner every month anymore. I've been wanting this planner for a long time, but unfortunately the previous edition was sold out online in webshops that offered reasonable shipping fees.

So I'd been keeping an eye on the Scrobby website for ages contemplating on whether to pre-order or not. Honestly, waiting until the schedule delivery date around April was way too long for me! Luckily, The Secret worked in my favor and the MAMBI planners came in way sooner than the shop expected. To accompany the planner (which only starts in July 2016 and ends Dec 2017), I ordered the six month extension pages, so I wouldn't have to wait until summer to use it. 

I must say, I had a very positive experience making a purchse on the Scrobby website. I got my order in the next day, and the customer service was great! Definitely a place I'd recommend to shop at!

With regards to the planner itself (which costed €26,95), I chose the "Hello You" version simply because of the beautiful pastel watercolor layout. I contemplated between the "Be Happy" and "Enjoy the little things" planners at first, but their layout themes didn't really appeal to me. 

At first I was a bit shocked to see the size of planner, I'll admit. It's not a planner you can easily throw in your bag for on-the-go. Unless you remove at least a year worth of pages, it's also pretty heavy to carry around with you. An option to "shrink" its size, aside from removing pages, is to purchase the smaller rings (on my wishlist!). The pages are pretty thick and sturdy, which I appreciate because they won't rip easily and will be less likely to bleed. I'm simply in love with the (pink) pastel colors of this theme, and love the gold embossing in the cover and dividers.

Like I mentioned, this planner doesn't start until July 2016, so I decided to also buy the six month extension pages so I could start planning sooner. With the pages (€8,75), you also get some stickers to customize the dates with. As you can see, the monthly overview of birthdays and goals is somewhat different in layout than in the "Hello Life" theme. If I'm correct, this is what some of the planners looked like last year!

I'm superduper excited about my new planner! I can't wait to share with you my weekly spreads and plan with me videos!

An update will follow soon, wherein I'll show you how I use my Happy Planner and how I inserted the extension pages!