Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Student grub (review Oerknal)

I'm all for student grubbing. And with that I'm referring to food that is sold at university canteens and student bars. In other words, thrifty ass dining. Or lunch in this case. Although I've passed by numerous times over the last 7 years, I'd never actually set foot in UvA's sportscenter café de Oerknal. The other day I decided to finally try out their food!

The menu was pretty standard and offered many dishes you can try out at your local eetcafé, like uitsmijters and bitterballen. But then the sign with that week/month's specials caught my attention. I'll be totally honest here, the word that sold me was simply polenta. Why? Because I watch too many cooking competition shows (MKR is my fave), and every season there's someone who either stuffs up a pot of polenta or cooks it perfectly. And I just hád to finally try it out!

The fact that it was served with salmon was pretty much a bonus, seen as I'd been on a pescatarian stroll for a few days already. My so decided to order the stamppot with meatball and gravy, which happened to be a beetroot stamppot. Stamppot is pretty much a type of mash with veggies (very bubble and squeak-ish). Both dishes costed €9, which I thought was pretty fair priced!

So how did it taste, you might wonder. It wasn't bad... Especially for the price. But, I wouldn't order this dish again. Unfortunately the salmon wasn't served as a chunk of filet, but drowned in a sauce that was pretty salty. The salad I avoided because I didn't enjoy the dressing. And the polenta... It wasn't at all what I expected, meh. I didn't expect it to be served in such a firm shape, but rather like a mash. So it's a no for me!

Still, I wouldn't advice you against making a visit there! You get lots of food for a fair price, and at least it didn't taste bland! I just have pretty spoiled tastebuds, I'll take full responsibility!