5 reasons Monday is my best friend

Monday, March 7, 2016

I used to be that person who dreaded Mondays. As a teen going to school, and as an adult working an office job. Why? Well, because it meant my weekend was over. No more sleeping in, staying up late, and being at ease. Instead, 5 days of hard work at a place I didn't want to be at and lots of stress. But as I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the most hated day of the week and actually make it one of my favorites!

I'll give you 5 reasons to start loving your Mondays to start off this week on the right foot!

1. A new week, a clean slate.

I believe that every day, every minute, every moment, is the perfect time to start being a better version of your older self. Still, I can't knock Monday's reputation for being the most popular day for people to start putting their new resolutions to work. And I fully get and support that notion! Like I mentioned, Monday signifies the end of the weekend and previous week and thus also a new beginning! Get it Monday! Werk! 

Just remember that Monday is not the only day you can start something new, the perfect time to start (living) is NOW as you're reading this! And don't get discouraged when you fail to meet your goals during the week. Don't give up and decide to start fresh again on Monday. There's no need to start fresh and discount the work you already put in! Be proud of what you've already accomplished and continue on that path when you wake up to a new day the next morning. Think, the slight edge!

2. New perspectives and a fresh mind-set

Maybe you spent your entire weekend partying and your brain is too fried to start off the week with a bang. But most likely, the weekend gave you an opportunity to sleep in a little and rest your mind and body. This means that you can start your new week with some fresh energy and a cleared mind-set. A different state of mind might help you tackle problems you weren't able to solve the previous week. Plus, it's an opportunity to share new insights and stories with your fellow students/colleagues/loved ones!

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes!

3. Productivity boost

For many of us, Monday also signifies the start of a new work and/or school week. Did you slack a bit last week with your productivity? Were you paying more attention to your FB messenger than the lecture you attended? Did you get too comfortable at work and procrastinated in doing some (major) tasks? That's okay, we aren't superhumans. But don't let these moments of slowing down become a habit! If you keep slowing down, not only will you get less done, eventually you'll stop moving! 

I suggest you start your new week with fresh energy and a BANG by hitting the pedal, and roll on a steady pace as the week sets forth. Competing in a race every single moment is simply not feasible (not to mention unhealthy) and will eventually take a toll on your body and spirit. Take advantage of your well-rested body and mind, and try to tackle the most daunting tasks on a Monday. That way you won't have to worry about them the rest of the week. Start paying attention in class for a change, because it'll benefit you in the end!

4. One step closer to your dreams

On the topic of work and/or school, Monday means you're one step closer to the outcome and benefit you'll reap from actually showing up to work and/or studying. It's a new day of learning and experiencing, and adding to your momentum. One step closer to getting your degree, getting that paycheck! Another opportunity of making the most out of your circumstances and working hard to make your dreams come alive!

5. Monday is another day, period.

Helleur, be grateful to live another day on this precious earth! We take our days and hours for granted, until a moment of counting the days left shows up on our doorstep unannounced. MonDAY is another day to spend, another opportunity to enjoy life, another chance of making things right.

Now, I've given you enough reasons to start off your new week with a smile! Enjoy your week and make the best of it!

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