Monday, January 18, 2016

Such a shame (review Kiko Precision Lip Pencil)

Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday and as a birthday present I got to score some make-up goodies (on sale)! I just posted my 'Birthday Haul + First Impression' video on my Youtube channel, in which I show you all the stuff I purchased with a demonstration of the products! In this post I will show you the Kiko Precision Lip Pencils up in close.

I bought these on sale at Kiko in The Hague for €2,10 each (normal price €4,20). I believe these were few of the colors that were left, but I happened to really like them! I scored '313' and '314', which are both medium to dark brown colors.

W/out flash
W/ flash

Swatching them on my skin they looked very promising! But when I actually applied them on my lips... Note that I did prep my lips with a scrub and lipbalm!

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil '313'

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil '314'

Meh!! Not impressive at all! The pencils were pretty dry and difficult to apply evenly due to the lack of pigmentation.

I tried looking for these online, but I did not spot them! Maybe they will not be sold anymore? If so, smart choice!

Pros Kiko Precision Lip Pencil
♡ Nice colors

Cons Kiko Precision Lip Pencil
♡ Dry
♡ Not enough pigmentation
♡ Difficult to apply

Such a shame, because I really liked the colors! I am also a big fan Kiko's Smart Lip Pencils, so this was a rather confusing experience. Did you try these out and have a similar experience?!