Friday, January 1, 2016

My 2016 DIY vertical planner

Last year I got semi-hooked on plan with me videos. My absolutely favorite YouTuber in this area is BeautyMuseMakeup. She is the sole reason I own about 50 washi tapes and lots of colored pens I hardly use, lol. The creative aspect of decorating your planning and customizing it to your liking is what caught my attention. And of course, these planners are super cute to look at!

For last year I bought a cheap €2 agenda at Action and decorated it every week. I found it not only looked neater, but also more helpful to use it vertically (although it was probably not meant to be used that way).

But for this year, I wanted something bigger with more room to write! I searched my butt off online to find something affordable, but to no avail! Erin Condren was not going to happen for me, and the Happy Planner was pretty affordable on sale, but shipping would cost me 40 bucks! Ain't nobody got time fo that! The only online shop in NL that sells them would only restock mid-January and with shipping the planner would still cost me around €30. No m'am!

I decided on a Filofax/Kikki K planner and order some inserts on Etsy, but the investments (€) were not worth it for me! I founds some similar styled organizers on AlieExpress for €13-30, but (once again a 'but') lawd I could not wait 15-39 days for shipping!

So I busted out an old printer, in some magical way got it to work again after having been off duty for about 7 years, and made my own planner! It's my planner and I'll plan like I want to! The templates I used as a basis and customized to my liking, were mostly found on

It is a bit thick, but that is because I (1) went buckwild on thickening my pages, and (2) I included both weekly ánd daily overviews!

Every month starts off with a quote, followed by a weekly overview, daily overviews, etc. etc. On the last few pages for the month, there is an income and expenses overview, and an extra page for additional notes!

I am super happy with my planner, even though it costed me lots of time to make it! But it is my precious and I love it! And yes, this is only for the month of January! Which is perfect, because it gives me the opportunity to switch up my lay-out every month!

Are you also into planning, and if so any tips on customizing?