Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In love with the babi (review Cannibale Royale)

Pork is bad for you, yes indeed. But it is sooo tasty tho! My favorite pork dishes to indulge on are babi pangang (pork belly), pork chops, and of course ribs (which we call spareribs)! The best ribs experience I had was at a restaurant named Roots, which unfortunately is no longer in business! But luckily, the ribs I had at Cannibale Royale in Amsterdam the other day tasted even better!

Because we were pretty hungry we ordered chickenwings for starters, four sidedishes to share (2x sweet grilled corn, jacket potato, and French skin fries), ánd two entrees (600g steak and ribs). 

Honestly, I was pretty shocked to see the amount of meat I got on my plate! It might not look very large on the picture, but it was a lot! But because my stomach is secretly a bottomless pit, of course I managed to finish it hehe. 

The steak was a bit too rare for my liking (but I ordered the ribs, so whatev's), but the grilled flavor was definitely present! The ribs were so tender they literally fell off the bone, and deliciously marinated. The entrees were served with two sauces (a white sauce and a BBQ-ish type of sauce), which were a nice addition. I could have sworn one out of the two sauces served had a hint of Coca Cola or a similar softdrink in it!

The jacket potato with sour cream and bacon bits was very tasty and so were the corn cobs, despite the melted butter on top of them. Because I have an irrational aversion for the taste of butter, I initially was disappointed to taste butter on my corn. But after a few bites I got used to the taste! Hooray for stepping out of your comfortzone, albeit a bit forced hehe.

And a big hooray for Cannibale Royale, my new favorite place to give into my true carnivore nature. The ribs costed €14,75 without any side dishes, which is a pretty good price for the quality you get!