Sunday, December 6, 2015

Wholesale make-up (review Gabrini + Rapsodi matte lipsticks)

When I was in Turkey a few months ago, I went HAM at on buying make-up. I was so excited to spot budget matte lipsticks, so I bought some in my favorite shades (pinky nudes). I scored these lippies by the brands Gabrini and Rapsodi for about 6TL (€1,80). Maybe a bit too cheap to expect good quality lipstick for, looking back. But then again, I really enjoy my €1,99 Lidl lipstick too...

When I swatched them in the store, I was pretty confined that I picked out two different shades. One of them looked a bit more salmon toned than the other. Both shades were nameless and only had a number (01).

Gabrini 01 + Rapsodi 01 w/ out flash
 Gabrini 01 + Rapsodi 01 w/ flash

When I finally got to try them out at home I felt slightly stupid. I could hardly distinguish the swatches from each other! Regardless of the swatches, when I applied the lipsticks I hardly saw any difference. From up close, the Gabrini lipstick is a bit more salmon, as I thought, but the difference is minimal.

I think the lipsticks look okay, but they are definitely not on my recommendation list! The colors are a bit chalky in application, and not really matte. You really need a good lipliner to make these lipsticks work. One thing positive that caught my attention was the smell of both products. They faintly smell like peaches.

Pros Gabrini + Rapsodi matte lipstick 01
♡ Very affordable
♡ Nice smell
♡ Nice color selection

Cons Gabrini + Rapsodi matte lipstick 01
♡ Not widely available
♡ Chalky application
♡ Not really matte