Thursday, December 24, 2015

Contour for beginners (review Max&More Contour stick)

Before I stumbled upon affordable contour sticks, I always used a mat bronzer to shape my face a bit. I still use a bronzer every time I apply make-up, even over my cream contouring. (And no, I do not always use a contouring stick, although I included it in my everyday make-up tutorial, lol.) In my opinion the best way to start playing around w/ shaping is by using a powder. Also, affordable contour sticks are still hardly available here in NL!

Still, I was on a hunt. And although the Kiko contouring stick got my approval, it ís part of a limited edition collection (so probably not available anymore). So when I saw these Max&More Contouring Sticks at Action for about €0.89 I absolutely needed to try them out!

Because they were so cheap, I decided to just get the 3 darkest out of 4 colors (light, medium, dark). Now my expectations were not too high, because of earlier experiences with MM's make-up, but what the hell! With the absence of any affordable alternatives, my hands were tied!

Max & More Contouring Stick light, medium, dark w/ out flash

The first thing I noticed, is that the shade of the stick is not mentioned on the actual packaging. Make sure you label them if you buy more than color at once! The colors were very creamy and easy to blend.

Max&More Contouring Stick light, medium, dark w/ flash

From the pictures you can tell that the highlighters had a gorgeous color and shimmer upon swatching. Especially the rose-gold shimmer from the medium shade made me fawn. Unfortunately, not much of this color is left when blending. You only end up with a very slight shimmer! Also, the bronzer sticks lost a bit of their pigment when blended. This does allow for build up and easy correction though!

Max&More Contouring Stick dark

All-in-all, I still prefer my Kiko bronzing stick, because it takes a few swatches to actually build up some color w/ these. The highlighter is almost non-existent in the upper picture, so for me it is a no-no! But then again, I am not the biggest fan of cream highlighters, so maybe I needed to put in a little more work w/ applying.

Max&More Contouring Sticks pros
♡ Very affordable
♡ Allows for color build up, so handy for beginners!
♡ Four different shades to choose from

Max&More Contouring Sticks cons
♡ Not very pigmented when blending
♡ Hardly any shimmer from the highlighter
♡ Breaks easily!

Never played around with cream contouring? Still a beginner at make-up? If the answer is yes to both, I would not keep you from purchasing one of these the next time you visit your local Action!