Monday, November 2, 2015

Subtle shade (Kiko contouring pencil review)

My favorite products to contour w/ are just the regular ol' powdered bronzer and highlighter, my current fav being the Sleek Face Form palette. I really wanted to try out some contouring pencils after I saw them in a video by itsjudytime. She made shading seem so effortless w/ her Smashbox contour sticks!

Earlier I purchased some cheap ass contour sticks by Max&More, but when I also spotted these beauties at Kiko I could not get them out of my mind! I think it was a combination of factors (limited edition, decent price of €9,90, rose-gold packaging) that convinced me to purchase. Out of the two shades available 01 light to medium and 02 medium to dark, I chose the latter.

highlighter & bronzer w/ out flash

highlighter & bronzer w/ flash

The product applied very easily and felt creamy. Being a newbie when it comes to contouring pencils, I might have perhaps been a bit hesitant to apply a lot of bronzer, afraid I would turn up w/ dark spots on my face. Luckily, however, the effect was pretty subtle and the product allowed for some build-up. The highlighter was very sparkly (although it is not very visible on the picture), but was not very pigmented when blended out.

For everyday use I still prefer to use my powdered bronzer, because creamy contour products can come off more streaky if not blended properly (which takes patience). Because the highlight merely left some random sparkles on my face, without any color I will probably make less use of it than the bronzer. Still, this is a nice product combo to experiment w/!

Pros Kiko contouring pencils
♡ Not many (budget) alternatives for sale in NL
♡ Decent price of €9,90
♡ Subtle colors, so easier to work w/
♡ Pretty packaging!

Cons Kiko contouring pencils
♡ Limited availability (because it is part of the limited Rebel Romantic collection)
♡ Not much pigment from the highlighter