Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quick healthy snack (recipe tortilla pizza)

Looking for a tasty and semi-healthy snack you can quickly whip up? All you need are some corn tortilla's, tomato puree from a can, any cheese you like, and whatever toppings you can find in your fridge!

Although I am a big meat lover, I am in love with Albert Heijn's spelt pizza w/ spinach, feta, and eggplant. Wanting to recreate this foodgasm meal, I went ahead and bought me a bunch of corn tortilla's (I just wanted to avoid any wheat products, but you can use any really), tomato puree, feta cheese, eggplant, and spinach. I pre-heated my oven on 180ºC, put a bit of water on the tortilla, spread some tomato puree on it, and went crazy w/ toppings. I skipped the eggplant, and added some left over corn, turkey bacon, and fresh cheddar cheese. Top of w/ some Italian seasoning (e.g. oregano) and bake in the oven for about 2-3 mins!