Monday, October 19, 2015

Supermarket swag (review Cien lipstick)

Hi loves! Yes, I am still here! My apologies for not posting, I was enjoying myself being on a vacation to Turkey! More about that later this week, for today I want to write about some cheap lippies I scored at the Lidl supermarket a few weeks ago! I purchased a frosty pink lip color from this line in the past, and although I did not use it a lot (no clue as to where it is at this moment), the quality was not too bad for the price of €1,99. So when I spotted some new colors, whilst waiting in line being bored AF, I chose two of them to take home w/ me!

I picked out a nude pink color named '27 natural kiss' and wine red color named '31 bordeaux'. I did not prep my lips with any primer today. The lipsticks applied very smoothly and showed enough pigmentation! They did smell a bit like a mixture of make-up and sweaty feet though...

Cien lipstick 'natural kiss' + 'bordeaux' w/out flash

Cien lipstick 'natural kiss' + 'bordeaux' w/ flash

Cien 'natural kiss' 

Cien 'bordeaux' 

Nice, I like! I like very much! The product is easy to apply ánd correct, and the colors looks gorgeous. Despite the slightly horrid smell, which you only notice when you actually stick your nose into them, I really enjoy these lippies so far! I ended up taking them with me on vacation, because they are so easy work with and re-apply (without a mirror).

Pros Cien lipstick
♡ The price is great, for only €1,99
♡ Simple color selection, but pretty nonetheless
♡ Easy to (re-)apply

Cons Cien lipstick
♡ Only available at Lidl supermarkets (to my knowledge)
♡ A faint smell of sweaty feet, lol

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