Thursday, October 1, 2015

Stuffed scalloped potatoes (recipe)

Usually when I whip something up in the kitchen, I do so without really sticking to a recipe. I actually cook without a recipe very often, and just improvise with whatever I can find in my fridge and/or cupboard.

The other day I was contemplating what to do with some leftover potatoes from when I baked a shepherd's pie, and my choice fell on scalloped potatoes. I just looked around at some recipes, figured I probably needed some cream and grated cheese for it, got some, and winged it. I also decided to buy some mushrooms and bacon bits to throw in and started cooking!

Ingredients: ±750 g lightly floury potatoes (beetje kruimig) ♡ 1 white onion (chopped or slice, whatever you prefer) ♡ ±150 g smoked bacon ♡ ± 100 g sliced mushrooms ♡ 250 ml cream (I used only 200, but I wish I used some more!) ♡ grated cheese (I used belegen) ♡ butter ♡ salt and pepper to taste

Start off by pre-heating your oven at 200 ºC and bringing two pots of water to a boil. Wash your potatoes well and slice them either with a mandolin or a sharp knife like I did! When your water starts to boil, throw in the potatoes in one pot, and the bacon in the other.

Prepare your baking dish with some butter and drain your potatoes/bacon after cooking for about 6-10 mins. You want the potatoes to be only slightly cooked, not soft! Otherwise they will get mushy when stacking.

Start stacking your ingredients layer by layer and season in between. I started w/ potatoes, bacon, onions, mushrooms, and cheese, repeated this twice, and topped the second layer with potatoes. Pour the cream on top of the potatoes, and makes sure it seeps through the layers.

Sprinkle some additional cheese on top, and bake in the oven for about 20-30 mins until the top has browned!

Enjoy! I decided to keep the potato skins on for some extra flavor, and I really liked it! I also think the fresh potatoes add some extra flavor, compared to pre-cooked, sliced potatoes. But if you lack time, of course you can opt for the latter!