Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eyelash lotion (review Catrice Luxury Lashes waterproof)

As part of my latest Kiko haul, I reviewed some mascara's I bought with a discount. Unfortunately, I was not too impressed by them! So when I spotted Catrice's new line of mascara's called "Luxury Lashes" on a 1+1 sale, I decided to purchase two.

Out of the three mascara's available, I chose to try out the 'waterproof' and 'dramatic volume' kinds (the third one is 'ultra black'), which each retail for €4,89 at Kruidvat. According to the packaging, they contain a special ingredient called cashmere-protein. Unfortunately it is not made very clear what this exactly entails or adds to the product, other than sounding very fancy-schmancy.

No mascara | No mascara, curled w/ lashcurler

What immediately caught my attention applying the product was the highly pleasant smell of it! It kind of reminds me of cacao butter you want to rub all over your skin. For this review I tried out the 'waterproof' version. I usually prefer waterproof mascara's, because they do not feel heavy on my lashes, making them less inclined to drop down after application.

No mascara, curled w/ lashcurler | Catrice Luxury Lashes waterproof applied

I think this mascara is my new favorite! It promised me volume, curls and definition, and I can definitely tell it made a big difference in volume! I have no clue what is meant with 'definition' tbh, and curl wise my lashes are pretty hopeless with any mascara, but I did also get some length out of it! The product also refrained from clumping my lashes, which is a big plus!

Because mascara's expire very quickly, I do not have a lot of them. When I do buy them, I usually look for those affordable on a budget, something this one definitely is!

♡♡♡♡ - Four out of five hearts for this one! I like the smell, the price, ánd the results!