Sunday, September 6, 2015

What the pho (review Little V)

Growing up half Asian with lots of Asian friends, I have had many encounters with Asian cuisine. Chinese, Korean, Indian, you name it. I have either tried it, or have it written down on my bucket list. Cooking wise, I personally love to experiment with Filipino dishes in my little kitchen, because I think they are delish and because there are hardly any restaurants in the NL serving them.

Never attempted to cook at home, but have tried from scratch thanks to friends with a corresponding background, is Vietnamese food. Lots of fresh flavors, very light on the stomach, and very affordable! My favorites are the beef pho w/ thin slices of raw beef, the rice paper/salad rolls w/ prawns and grilled pork (gỏi cuốn), and those yummy savoury pancakes (bánh xèo).

When I discovered a new place called Little V where I could devour these dishes on a budget, I was thrilled. The interior was lovely (my guess is that it mimicks being in a city in Vietnam), the menu was exciting, and the prices were very budget friendly. I had a tough time choosing between the pancakes and soup, but I decided to stick to the 'pho'. Being used to having to choose between raw slices of beef, beef stew, and/or beef balls, I was pleasantly surprised to find all of them in my bowl.

To go with my soup, I ordered a rose flavored pink lemonade. My cousin went for the grilled prawns (tom nuong) with noodles.

The food was very tasty and the lemonade was my absolute favorite! Because we stopped by Little V only to have lunch, I was glad I did not go all out and only ordered the pho. I was so stuffed I could not even finish my bowl! The only negative about my dish, is the raw beef that was already cooked because of the hot soup, when it got to my table. Other than that, a definite winner for me! I would love to visit once again to try out their dinner menu as well. 

Unfortunately, the prices of the dishes are not mentioned on the website. But if my memory serves me right, I did not pay more than €11 for my pho and my drink was around €3. The prawn skewers were a bit more expensive, also due to the noodles surcharge, but still amounted to max €14.

Pros Little V
♡ Very affordable
♡ Good amount of food
♡ Nice flavors
♡ Unique and delicious homemade drinks

Cons Little V
♡ Not in Amsterdam!!! I had to visit the restaurant all the way in The Hague, meh. 
♡ I prefer only raw slices of beef for my pho, and on top of the soup so they are not fully cooked when they hit the table.