Sunday, September 13, 2015

Student snacks (review Maslow)

Today's post is a very brief review of some snacks I tried out at a (student) café in Amsterdam named Maslow. When the place just opened, I already tried out their home-made burger with fries and a side-salad (€8,50). I honestly cannot recall how good/bad the burger and fries tasted, but I do remember that I finished my plate aside from the salad!

The last time I paid a visit there I tried out the tortilla chips (€4,95) and köfte (€3,95) to accompany some drinks.

I enjoyed the guac, which is remarkable seen as I dislike avocado, and I really liked the köfte! They were flavored well, with lots of spices. 

Likes Maslow
♡ Good flavors
♡ Diverse menu
♡ Nice atmosphere
♡ Main courses are pretty low-budget

Dislikes Maslow
♡ The snacks are not necessarily expensive, but not very cheap in comparison to the main courses