Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Perks of food intolerance (raw chocolate haul/review)

If you are a loyal reader of my blog or happen to know me in person, there is a big chance you are aware of my dietary habits and misfortunes. Not only am I a true foodie by heart, maybe even slightly abusing my access to food, I also struggle with a lactose intolerance and suffer from IBS. I always try my hardest to find the silver lining to any situation I find myself in, in order to keep my head up. And despite the dietary restrictions imposed on me, courtesy of my own body, I have managed to find a few positive things about this bad luck!

Namely, (immediately) getting sick from eating (too much) bad food (e.g. fastfood, dairy, refined sugar) prevents me from consuming this junk! I lahve these types of food with all my heart, yes. Indulging in them, gladly. But instead of feasting and consequently guilt-tripping solely in my mind and awaiting the long-term effects they cause to my health, my body is pro-active like "No m'am, not today. You gon' pay for this right here, right now!" And obviously, I do not want to pay the price of experiencing cramps that have you rolling on your bathroom floor.

Secondly, well... I have the perfect excuse to go buck-wild at organic supermarkets and stock up on (expensive a.f.) dairy-free chocolate and snacks! Like the ones I will be showcasing and reviewing today!

1) Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate Mint Hint (±€3.49)

Mint and chocolate? A match made in heaven far as I am concerned. I did not hesistate for one second when I spotted this bar, even the price did not make me flinch! When I opened it, the smell immediately reminded me of After Eight mint chocolates. The bar itself had pretty thick and fudgy consistency, which is different from other raw chocolate bars I have tried in the past. And the taste? Well, it sure does taste minty! No need for an afternoon teeth brush session, just take a piece of this chocolate!

♡♡♡ - Three hearts for this bar! Nice texture, but a bit too minty for my taste. A good (and healthier) alternative for After Eight mint chocolates, but definitely not better!

2) Raw Organic Food Kokos Cacao Bites (€3,49)

Do these bites look like a treat or what?! For over €1 a piece, they better be! The bites were a bit less firm than I expected, and actually pretty soft on the inside. The flavor was very rich, and the chocolate on the outside was delicious. It was a bit odd to find an entire raisin inside, but it was easy to ignore. Something I did find strange about the ingredients list, was a note about the palmsugar being only organic, not raw. This made no sense to me, seen as the brand is called "Raw organic food".

♡♡♡ - I was going to score this delicacy 4 out of 5 hearts, but I changed my mind after reading the ingredients list again. It was definitely a treat trying these out, but I think I will refrain from re-purchasing because of the overly rich flavor. 

3) Ethiquable Karamelzout (€2,38)

Caramel? Meh, not a fan. Salted caramel, however, YAAAS! This bar does not claim to be raw nor organic, but merely Fairtrade. I checked the ingredients list and not only did I not spot any lactose-related ingredients, the sugar inside is organic cane sugar. This bar has good karma written all over it, lol. I like the flatness of the chocolate, because the dark chocolate flavor is too rich to eat it in big chunks. To balance it out, the tiny pieces of salted caramel do the trick. 

♡♡♡♡♡ - If you are a fan of dark chocolate, I highly recommend this treat. No need to feel guilty towards your body or society! Fairtrade ftw!

4) Nakd Fruit and Nut bits Cacao Orange (€2,99)

And lastly, the fruit and nut bits by Nakd you spotted at the beginning of this post! If you are familiar with Nakd date bars, and enjoy the cacao orange flavor, you will probably enjoy these bites too! 

♡♡♡♡ - Cacao orange is not my favorite of the Nakd bunch (I prefer Cacao Delight and Rhubarb & Custard), but it was either this one or Berry Delight. Easy to munch on and easier to share!

I hope you enjoyed my (raw) chocolate haul/review!


Sefanja Rubina

Conscious organic raw chocolate from Biolicious
Raw organic food & Ethiquable from Albert Heijn
Nakd fruit and nut bits from Etos