Thursday, September 24, 2015

On a hunt (review Primark: PS lip liner pencil)

Lipsticks and lipliners are my weaknesses. However, I do not like to spend too much on them, especially not on the latter! Passively I am thus always on the hunt for the best budget liplipers I can find, in a selection of nude/mauve/light pink colors. When I saw these PS lipliners for only €1,50 each at Primark I once again caved in. I only saw four colors available (pink, mauve, brown, and red). Aside from the pink one, named 'light pink', the pencils are nameless.

For sake of reference, I will just refer to them as mauve, pink, and brown (from top to bottom). Swatching them they feel slightly creamy on the skin and they show lots of pigmentation.

Pink, mauve, brown w/ out flash

Pink, mauve, brown w/ flash

I prepped my lips first with Kiko's lip exfoliator and some vaseline. Then I applied the pink color first, and put some lipstick on top.

Pink lipliner (left) / Pink lipliner + Max&More's nude pink lipstick (right)

The pink color lipliner was rather coral on my lips, which was a pleasant surprise! The product was not as creamy during application, and especially the inner part of my lips was a bit tedious to fill in. Definitely not a lipliper you can quickly fill in your lips with completely. But easy to work with for lining them solely!

Mauve lipliner (left) / Mauve lipliner + Lancôme Prune Désir (right)

The last color was definitely the hardest to work with. After I fully colored my lips with it, my lips looked and felt a bit leathery for some reason. My lip creases were unfortunately very visible.

Brown lipliner (left) / Brown lipliner + Sunkissed Caffé Latte (right)

Final conclusion; I really like them! Although they are not the easiest to work with, I think the colors look gorgeous by themselves (especially pink and mauve). Because they do not smudge very easily, I will probably wear these without any lipstick on top.

♡ The price is great!
♡ The shades are very pretty and not too standard
♡ They do not smudge easily

♡ A bit too dry to easily fill in your lips with
♡ Limited color selection

Which color do you think looks best on me? Leave a comment below and enjoy your day!