Monday, September 7, 2015

Lipstick scam (review Max&More lipstick)

Ah, yes. Another (budget) lippie review! Today I will discuss the 'nude lips' and 'red lips' lipstick/lipliner sets by Max&More, a brand that is sold at one of my BFF stores ever; Action. What sold me were the included lipliners, and the bold red color. The choice for 'nude lips' is no more than obvious, seen as I am a big nude lipstick hoarder. And well, for the price of €0,89 or so each, they were kind of difficult to walk past.

Nude lips in 'Nude' w/ out flash | lipliner, lipstick, lipliner + lipstick
Nude lips in 'Nude' w/  flash | lipliner, lipstick, lipliner + lipstick

The first nude color is a sweet light pink color. The lipliner is pigmented well, albeit not creamy and a tad bit dry on the lips. The lipstick is a bit lighter than the lipliner, but they complement each other very well. Not my favorite finish being slightly shiney (I prefer matte), but not bad for the price!

Red lips in 'Dark red' w/out flash| lipliner, lipstick, lipliner + lipstick
Red lips in 'Dark red' w/ flash | lipliner, lipstick, lipliner+lipstick

Hooold up, stop the brakes! Wait whut? I thought I purchased a sassy bold DARK red color? What is this fuchsia pink color doing on my arm? Not cool Max&More, not cool! Similar quality to the nude one, only the lipstick is very sheer by itself.

'Nude' (left) 'Dark red' (right) 

The color does not look too bad on my lips, but had I known beforehand I would not have purchased it. For reference, just take a look at the picture below. Ladies and gentlemen, I spot a dark pink color on my lips, not red!

All in all, I approve of the 'nude lips' set and give a big fat no to the 'red lips' one. Imo, they could have ditched the mude lipstick for the price, because the lipliner already looks good (and matte) by itself.

Pros Max&More lipstick + lipliner set €0,89
♡ Very budget friendly
♡ The nude color looks nice
♡ Easy to apply

Cons Max&More lipstick + lipliner set €0,89
♡ Deceitful color! My lips were pink instead of red, meh!
♡ Smells really cheap

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