Monday, September 28, 2015

Lactose-free latte (review Primark: Sunkissed Intense Color)

In my last post I reviewed some low budget lipliners I found at Primark for €1,50. That same shopping spree I noticed that Primark now sells another brand of make-up products, aside from the PS line. This line called 'Sunkissed' offers make-up that will help you getting a bronzed look. I decided to try out an Intense Colour chubby lip pencil/lipstick in the color 'caffé latte' (€2,50). Seen as I also picked out a brown lip pencil by PS to review, I thought these colors could possibly complement each other well.

PS lipliner 'brown', Intense Colour 'caffé latte', PS lipliner 'brown' + Intense Colour 'caffé latte'  w/out flash

PS lipliner 'brown', Intense Colour 'caffé latte', PS lipliner 'brown' + Intense Colour 'caffé latte'  w/ flash

The color is pigmented, but not as color popping as I expected. It was very easy to apply, however, and the texture is very creamy! I decided to give it one more go, prepping my lips with the Kiko lip primer first.

Intense Colour 'caffé latte' (left) / Kiko lip base + Intense Colour 'caffé latte' (right)

Although not much of a difference can be spotted, thanks to the lip base the color looked a bit more like I expected, which is a soft light brown color. I think the pink color of my lips shined through too much without the base, seen as the product applies a bit sheer, despite its pigmentation. 

Kiko lip base + Intense Colour 'caffé latte' (left) / PS lipliner 'brown' + Intense Colour 'caffé latte' (right)

♡ Again, the price! But unless there is a Primark near you, save your money on travel and visit your local Kruidvat where they sell low budget brands Essence, Catrice and NYC!
♡ Easy application and nice texture.
♡ I really like this light brown type of nude, I usually spot nudes with a pink undertone. 

♡ Darker on the lips than expected. But fixed with Kiko lip base!
♡ Only 4 shades were available.