Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kiko haul/review (pt. 2: Unforgettable mascara, False lash concentrate)

In my previous post I reviewed some of the face products I purchased at Kiko. Today I will be reviewing my Kiko eye products! I bought them with a discount, because Kiko was (and still is at this point) having a sale on mascara's. Because of the low price I figured, why not try out two? I really wanted a waterproof variant, because it usually lasts longer on my lashes. And so my first choice fell on the Unforgettable waterproof mascara, which promises you longlasting curled lashes (€7,20).

Personally I could care less about curl related promises, because I have the straightest sparse lashes ever. I am really nowhere without a lash curler, even after applying mascara. What sold me was the curved (non-elastomer) brush!

Without any product on (left) / With Unforgettable waterproof mascara (right)

As you can see the mascara did give my lashes a tiny bit of length! Volume, meh not so much. Curl? Well... Not detected. I refrained from using two coats, because it usually gets clumpy when I do so. Also, I wanted to see the difference with and without the next product on top of this mascara!

My second choice was the False lashes concentrate top coat mascara, which promises even more curl (€7,20)! Again, I mainly chose this one because of the curved brush (excuse the wrong angle on the picture). Property wise, I should have probably chosen the lengthening or volume top coat, rather than curl top coat, though!

With Unforgettable waterproof mascara (left) / With Unforgettable waterproof mascara + False lash curl top coat (right)

Hmm... It looks pretty natural to me. Which is exactly what is it nót supposed to do, lol! Second try with my favorite (budget) mascara by New York Color. 

With Unforgettable waterproof mascara + False lash curl top coat (left) / With NYC  Big bold angel lash mascara + False lash curl top coat (right)

That is more like it! A bit clumpy, but I will take it! The last product I purchased is the 30 days extension mascara night treatment booster (€7,90). This product promises a 169% growth in eyelash length in 30 days! Unfortunately the day time version was sold out! Obviously I will have to try out this product for about a month to note any differences, but when I have done so you can expect a review!

I am not too convinced about these mascara's, but frankly I believe I chose the wrong products to begin with! My lashes are not up for any curling, unless an eyelash curler is involved. What I look for in a mascara is length and volume. So I might try out some of the other mascara's Kiko sells, seen as the mascara sale is still going on (all mascara's for €3,90 each)!

I hope you find this review helpful!