Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Burnin' hot (review Teppanyakibar)

There is one thing that makes me a very happy person. Delicious food and grubbing on it! Exceptional fusions of spices and different cuisines are my absolute favorite, and I have grown very fond especially of Asian (fusion) food. When I spotted a new place in the center of Amsterdam, named Teppanyakibar, I bugged my so for a while to take me out to dinner there. The pictures on the menu card were mouthwatering, and the prices did not sound too bad.

When I finally got to visit the place I was glad we did so on an afternoon it was not too busy. The interior was nice and dark, and very Asian because of the bamboo stems on the walls. On one side of the room were a few tall diner type of booths, and the rest of the place was filled with long benches (like at Wagamama). My excitement to have entered with the place being half empty, was not only because less customers meant a shorter waiting time for food, but also because I got the opportunity to sit in one of the booths.

We ordered the ramen soup set menu with gyu yaki (beef), which includes ramen soup with pork, gyoza, and gyu yaki on the side (€15,50), and the reccommended sliced rib eye teppanyaki meal with white rice and teppanyaki sauce (€12,50).

We intended to share both meals, and hoped it would be enough to fill our stomachs. As soon as we spotted the bowl of ramen, however, we decided that we would probably have to order something extra afterwards. Despite our frame, we have a huge appetite and very flexible stomachs, lol.

The teppanyaki plate did not resemble the picture on the menu at all! The meat was drenched with sauce, which is a shame seen as it was raw and cut so thinly. The green beans did not do much for me and the fried garlic was a bit overload. Still, I enjoyed the dish because the flavors were there! The ramen broth was lovely and subtle, and the pork was a winner. The gyoza was no different than the gyoza they serve at AYCE restaurants (i.e. yummy), and the gyu yaki was dee-lish. 

We also ordered the Japanese chashu udon plate (€10,50), with a spicy sauce in which the taste of shrimp paste was very apparent. The plate was pretty full, and we almost did not finish it!

I enjoyed my evening at Teppanyakibar and left feeling very content! The teppanyaki special was not as exciting as I expected, but the other dishes definitely left a good impression on me! My winner of the evening was the gyu yaki, because the beef was tender and seasoned well, with an amazing sauce on top!

♡ Nice flavors
♡ Reasonable pricing
♡ Good location
♡ Modern interior

♡ Teppanyaki plate looked slightly unappealing compared to the menu picture
♡ Ramen set menu only includes a small bowl of ramen
♡ Not a fan of Wagamama style seating arrangments (i.e. long benches)