Friday, June 26, 2015

Blogging in Toronto (week 8)

Tomorrow marks my 2 year anniversary of getting onto a plane to the city that stole my heart: Toronto! Now I am aware that I did not immigrate, nor stayed there for a very long period of time. But my short but fruitful study abroad experience in Canada in the summer of 2013 has been an unforgettable and live-changing experience which I will not shut up about anytime soon. Unless I find a way to get my butt out of Amsterdam to find another place to rave about that is. I cannot repeat enough how happy I am to have documented this journey, and how wonderful it is to be able to look back at those exciting days!

Today you can enjoy my last weekly recap (15 August - 18 August). Because I had my last day of school (exam) on Monday, I had the rest of the week off to enjoy myself tourist style. I really wanted to squeeze in a visit to the Toronto Islands and at least one day of foodin' around at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Day 50: Can you believe I was actually nervous to visit the store? I planned to go there my second day here, because there was a party. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, but I could (1) not find the guts to go (scared of social awkwardness, seen as I am not really "hip", hehe), and (2) did not realize how frigging long Queen Street was, hihi. But I had to visit the store at least once before I left! Needless to say I acted like a total groupie when I finally spotted the women *blush*
Day 51: I had actually been "saving" money for this day (Canadian National Exhibition), because I planned on trying all these crazy fatty foods. Unfortunately, (1) I could not take my time to eat around (I also did not have a fellow foodie with me to go HAM with over food, hehe), and (2) I forgot my friggin painkillers and lactose pills at home. So I could not try out everything I had been eyeing for the longest time.
Day 52: My last full day in YYZ, weeeh! No fancy dinner or big goodbyes, but a visit to the Toronto Islands and a quiet relaxed evening munching on my last supermarket food purchases.
Day 53: This morning I woke up very early, because I had not finished packing my suitcase the night before. I wanted to visit Queen's Park (last tourist site on my bucket list), but unfortunately I fell a bit ill. So before leaving for the airport to catch my flight back home I rested a bit. Sad day!


End of another chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my study abroad recaps over the past weeks!


Sefanja Rubina