Monday, June 22, 2015

Blogging in Toronto (week 7)

Today's post about my seventh week (8 August - 14 August) in Toronto is somewhat shorter than usual, because I covered two extra days in the previous post! This week I definitely experienced one of my favorite days in Toronto so far, because I finally got to visit the CN tower!

Day 44: The day had finally come, dun dun dun dun... A visit to the CN Tower I had been admiring from my bedroom window for weeks now.
Day 45 + 46: Today I had some major studying to do for finals coming up!
Day 47: After I finished my exam I had lunch at my favorite Japanese place around the corner (Duh, $6 bento boxes, what more can you ask for?), chilled at an acquaintance's balcony, and picked up some Korean food.

Day 48: Today I finally visited Target! I went there in search of E.L.F. products (which I had been on the hunt for the past few weeks, without any luck) and Sonia Kashuk brushes. I ended up not giving a damn about the beauty aisle (because it was not that extensive), but falling in love with the store's children's clothing and toys department. Too damn cute those clothes, ánd on clearance?! Man! If only there was a Target near where I live. Must. Move. Near. Target. When. Starting. To. Reproduce.
Day 49: I finally got to visit St. Lawrence Market and Church/Wellesley ("gay" district)!


Sefanja Rubina