Monday, May 18, 2015

Food truck galore

Or nah? Hi lovely people, yesterday my friend and I visited the annual food truck festival in Amsterdam, named Rollende Keukens [Rolling Kitchens]. Now I have had my experiences with food trucks and food festivals in Canada, so when I visited RK last year I expected a lot. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met with the food being too pricey for my liking.

Now I do not mind spending some extra moolah on good quality food, but the food I got to taste was anything but tantalizing for my taste buds. BUT, aside from warm dishes I also tried out something sweet; a chocolate covered pretzel. My God, that thing tasted absolutely divine! I simply hád to hunt down the pretzel truck again this year, so I decided to visit the festival again!

I am just going to get right into it and tell you which dishes I tried out! Compared to last year, I spotted less trucks that really caught my attention. Less BBQ smoke and most importantly NO PRETZELS! Total disappointment! Luckily I saw a very promising looking truck that sold freshly made donuts, so I decided to keep that one in the back of my mind.

Not really knowing where exactly to begin (and also, my friend had already tried out some stuff seen as she arrived before I did), we walked around for a bit looking for chicken wings. The only thing remotely near the chicken wings we were imagining, were jerk wings. Well, since my jerk fiasco last year (standing in a very long line for some weak ass wings), this year I proposed to try out a food stand/truck where there was no long line.

The chicken was not too bad, it was definitely more tasty than last year and it had some spicyness to it! But if I remember correctly, the sign said 6 wings for €6 (yes, really). Well, as you can tell from the picture we only got 5! Antyways, on to the next! 

Like I said, nothing really sparked our interest, so we headed to the donut truck. We decided on 3 donuts for €3.

Do I really need to say more? These things were tiny as fah, and without any holes in them. They should have named them doNOTs, or donut holes. They were tasty, I must admit. But nothing spectacular at all! I would choose Krispy Kremes or Dunkin Donuts over them any day. We also refrained from eating the jelly covered donut, seen as we spotted a hair sticking out of the jelly... NEXT! Another round for our sweet teeth, trying out a galette with lemon and green tea curd (or something).

I guess it has to do with my photography skills and the angles I prefer to take shots from, but somehow all these dishes tend to look normal sized whilst in reality they were really small. This little tart was about 6 cm in diameter. It tasted really nice (except for the slightly bitter aftertaste of the green tea part), almost like a bitterkoekje (Dutch cookie). But for €5?! Gots to be kidding me, lol. Time for something harty!

We stood in line about 20 mins for this Krabby Patty looking cheeseburger, and gave away €8. But man, this burger was good! SO glad I got to try out something that was worth everyone of my 'pennies'. The meat was seasoned well and the cheese was oeey goeey. Definitely something I would recommend! I was getting a bit full (luckily for my wallet), but I decided to try out one more thing my friend recommended.

Temaaaki! I decided to suck it up and eat the whole thing, including that thick slice of avocado (not my fav)! The wasabi soysauce was a bit meh (because I really do not like the taste of wasabi), but the salmon was beautiful! The rice was a bit hard for my liking, and the temaki was a bit pricey (€5), but I would have rather spend my money on another one of these than the tiny tart. 

And that was it! I also bought some grilled lamb with potato to take home with me (katching, €6 broker for some tiny pieces of meat and a small sized half potato), which was tasty. Conclusion, this festival is OVERPRICED as fah. I think a lot of people visit it for the atmosphere and the opportunity to try out foods that are normally hard to find here. I understand that people have to make a living, but in general I think the food is really overrated and not worth its price. Granted, I paid about 10 CAD (about €7) for a cronut burger at the CNE, but at least that ish was delicious and original!

I guess I am pickier than I thought I actually am, when it comes to food. I still do not think I am a food snob, but I have tried out many cuisines in my life and for what price to get the good stuff. I just feel that a lot of the food was a rip-off, and I would rather advice you to visit a real restaurant (or make new international friends that know how to cook) to try out food made with spices and lots of love!

Will I visit the festival again next year? It depends on my craving for chocolate covered pretzels!