Friday, May 29, 2015

Blogging in Toronto (week 4)

Another re-cap of my study abroad journey today! My fourth week (18 July - 24 July) in Toronto was pretty active! I walked around a lot, mainly in search of food lol.

Day 22: I attempted to get my tan on today at Lake Shore, but I ended up watching Kevin Hart movies in my bikini on the livingroom floor, lol.
Day 23: Today I went to the gym to swim and watched "The day after tomorrow" live from my bed (crazy storm outside, lol)

Day 24: FI-NAL-LY went tanning on a beach! On the way home I stopped by an Asian version of the Dutch Surinamese Kwakoe festival. Which was pretty torturous, seen as I was on a "diet" *ahum*.
Day 25 + 26 + 27: I crumbled and cheated. No more diet for me, I needed darn carbs, in the form of white tiny pearls, known as rice.
Day 28: You's just a windowshopper, hehe. Today I went strolling around Toronto's version of the PC Hooftstraat, which honestly cannot even slightly be compared. I was also told at Gucci that my purse's condition was hopeless. Then I strolled from Gucci to the damn ghetto to pick up some New Orleans soulfood.

Until next time!


Sefanja Rubina