Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blogging in Toronto (week 3)

Today I will be recapping about my third week (11 July - 17 July) in Toronto! This week was a week loaded with drama, blessings ánd studying!

Day 15: I was really excited for today, because it was time for the Open Roof Film Festival! After watching Jerry Springer for a while I got ready and headed off to the beach to meet some new people. Unfortunately, the night went very different from what I expected it to be.

Day 16: Today was cheatday. And I went all out (a.k.a. food coma).
Day 17: Being bummed from the festival I could not wait to get my jiggy on clubbing tonight. Boy was I in for a treat, lol.
Day 18: Worst. Day. Ever!! Remember the Toronto flood from Week 2? It totally effed my room up *sigh*
Day 19: Thank the Lord for rainbows after it has been pouring outside! Today I moved into my new room on the sixth floor.

Day 20: Today I had some major studying to do, because my first deadline was coming up!
Day 21: This was the first time I had a late night studying session, because I had to hand in the assignment. After catching a few hours of sleep I strolled around China town for the first time!


Sefanja Rubina