Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blogging in Toronto (week 2)

Hi loves! Today I will be looking back at my second week (4 July - 10 July) of studying abroad in Toronto!

Day 8: Way to start off my second week! I went to the gym and felt great, all pumped and ready to start doing my homework for next class. I was planning to hit the streets with my fellow Dutchie later in the evening, but unfortunately my plans went down the drain thanks to a cup of tea.
Day 9: Today I went to a meeting arranged for the international summer students, and you will be shocked to read how many new friends I made, lol! The weather was very humid and rainy, so I had lunch at campus and checked out the Robarts library before going home.
Day 10+11: Unfortunately I was ill the whole weekend, so I stayed in bed most of the time. I only left the dorms for some Japanese takeout and juice.

Day 12: Errmahgerd. One week in Toronto, and I was already in the middle of drama. I went downtown because the weather was so lovely, and I wanted to do some (grocery) shopping. I returned home soaking wet, only to find out the next day that I was in midst of a horrible storm flooding the whole city during my time "shopping"! The worst rainfall since 19 something.
Day 13: I could not move around a lot today, because my feet were hurting from the day before walking home from the center in soaked flats!
Day 14: Today I had class, had some girl time with new made friends, and had sushi at the best place ever!


Sefanja Rubina