Sunday, May 17, 2015

Blogging in Toronto (Week 1)

It is almost the end of May, which means I get to sob again over one of the best experiences in my life being another year pushed back into the past. Namely, my study abroad journey! It has been almost two years ago that I stepped on a plane to Toronto, not knowing entirely what to expect. But my time there was wonderful, and I am eager to go back one day to visit the friends I made!

I regularly peep back to my blog's travel section to look at pictures and read about my whereabouts. I was at such a happy place in my life, and sometimes I simply need to drown in nostalgia and re-live to those times again. I might re-post the entries I wrote back then, because many of my friends and family are still clueless about my time there. But in the mean time, I decided to re-post my weekly summaries from my old blog. Today we look back at my first week (27 June - 3 July) in Canada.

Day 1: This post was dedicated to my flight from Schiphol to Toronto Pearson Airport and my arrival to the U of T St. George campus!
Day 2: Due to my terrible jetlag from the day before I was way too tired to do anything productive today, except for picking up my T-card and browsing around campus for some food. It was officially the day I ordered my first Japanese bento-box.
Day 3: On my third day I decided not to waste anymore of my precious time in bed, although I was still tired. I strolled around campus for a bit and headed off to the centre. I was so happy to find the Shopper's Drugmart! Because I was not aware of the Metro supermarket's existence yet I thought I totally hit the jackpot when I found some bananas and noodles at 7-Eleven. On my way home I got a Korean bento-box full of delicious bulgogi and crispy tempura snacks.

Day 4: Today I did a campus tour for my vlogs and strolled around in the centre, where there happened to be a celebration of the Gay Pride week. It was packed and I decided to run into the Eaton Centre because of the crowdiness.
Day 5: This was the day I had been waiting for... Canada Day!! I thought it would be similar to our Dutch "Queens/Kingsday", but boy was I made out a fool. Luckily I did manage to enjoy my day, and I was beat down when I arrived home, petrified to go to sleep because the next morning I had to get up early for my first day of class!
Day 6: My first day of class, French class to be exact! I was excited (although I was pretty tired from the day before), but the class turned out to be very different from what I expected. Unfortunately not in a positive sense though. To cheer myself up I decided to try my first real Canadian poutine!
Day 7: My second day of class was way better than my first, because the course handled a topic I really liked! After class I went to the U of T bookstore and decided to get my gym on!


Sefanja Rubina