Sunday, April 5, 2015

Test-run new lifestyle

Hi loves! Where to even begin? Last September I made a vow to start eating and living more healthy, after being sick my entire vacation because of some junkfood. Well, technically I do not think Mexican food should be considered junkfood unless you got it from Taco Mundo (yumm) or Taco Bell. But then again, burritos are not even authentic Mexican, but a rather American dish right? Anyways, there was something about the beans, spicy ass salsa, and quite possibly cream cheese, my stomach was just not A-okay with. And I puked my brains out in Spain, lol.

Onto the positive part, I decided to really take care of my body and take my IBS and lactose intolerance into considering when grubbing. I tried the Paleo diet and even shared recipes I tested out on my blog. And then, there was silence. What happened? Well, to put it simply: I stumbled and fell hard off the bandwagon. I did manage to start a tiny bit of exercise in between then and now (yoga and twirling around a pole YASS), but nothing that will really get me into shape. Well, obviously. Because I had been stuffing myself like a trash can again (e.g. Gumbo w/ cornbread and cannoli)! There is just something about food...

The best way to bring a smile to my face is with something delicious to eat. When I am not in a positive zone, I will eat something yummy to make me feel better. The only times I am not in the mood for food is when I feel REALLY sad. So, if you ever spot me skipping dinner you know it is on! Food is not only my (quick) comfort, but I have also gotten so used to eating whatever I feel like eating. So used that I think I might have witnessed some withdrawal symptoms the other day...

They say that the getting fit recipe is 30% working out and 70% eating healthy. Meh, so I cannot choose? I promised myself to start working out, so I could stay grubbing and not gain any weight. But when that did not work out, I decided to eat healthy and not work out so I would not gain any weight.

The problem is, I first need to lose weight, to even be in that "maintaining my weight" zone. Buying new clothes because old ones do not fit you anymore is just tiring. Ok, so I finally decided to start working out ánd eat healthy again! And of course, meal prepping is half of the work.

I started sweating in the kitchen again, and prepped one day worth of food (see above). Then I decided to do a test-run with clean eating to find out whether a 6 meals a day, or 3 meals a day worked better for me.

I mean I started off feeling great. I had some egg whites and veggies for breakfast, an apple two hours after, and some brown rice w/ quinoa, corn, salmon and veggies for lunch.

But then... I suddenly did not feel well. My head started pounding again like crazy, and I was bed-ridden. I am still not completely sure what happened, but I am guessing my body was looking for my daily high sugar and fat intake and started protesting after realizing it was not getting any! In a last attempt to feel better (so I could do something productive again) I ate a cookie and some potato chips. But to no avail.

So basically, I am a bit of a junkfood, sugar, high-sodium junkie. And getting used to a new way of living is NOT going be easy. Thank the Lord I did a test-run, so I could know beforehand what I am getting myself into. Also, I did a test-run of working out. Man, man, man. I nearly fell on the floor T^T But, I hardly got through my first class of poledancing too, and now I am able to hang upside down (hooray for thick legs)! It is a working progress, and we are just going to take it step by step!


p.s. I am starting to eat clean this week, I will write my first update soon!

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