Sunday, March 22, 2015

Five megapixels

Hi guys! Those that have watched my blog closely over the last years know that I have a fascination for food photography. Now I am in no way a professional, but I do have my preferences when it comes to taking food porn pictures. I personally like to get up as close as possible, to show all the details as if the plate was in front of your nose. I can't stand pictures of food that are blurry, and only upload them if I really do not have a better shot.

But this was not always the case of course... I still do not have any professional picture taking equipment (and unless I sign up for a photography course, there is also not really much point in having so), but TRUST there was a time in which I was so oblivious.

If you read my post about my blogging journey over the last 7 years, you might remember that I went straight to business school after completing high-school. Because I wanted to document this new milestone of my life, I decided to purchase a camera to capture it through pictures. I had no knowledge at all about cameras, and the only requirement I really had was for it to be cute (in other words; pink). I chose the Samsung Digimax S500, which I covered with cute 3d stickers of icecream cones and donuts with sprinkles.

Above you can see a picture I took during the introduction week of starting university. I think the picture turned out pretty okay... When I had to go on a work-related trip (training actually), I decided to take it with me again! Because the training was mostly confined to the hotel we were staying at, what better way to experiment than to take pictures of it, lol. 

And then... My first real experience with food porn.! Man, man, man, those pictures sucked haha. Luckily I have managed to step my game up over the past years, lol. Unfortunately I cannot blame the camera, because I actually took some very sharp pictures with it as well. I basically just lacked any camera skills :)