Thursday, February 5, 2015

Who are you? (spam your blog)

Hi loves! Like I mentioned in my previous post, my laptop unexpectedly decided to desert me. Unfortunately that means I currently do not really have workspace for my blogging. It does give me the opportunity to write a post that is not about the visuals. 

I was watching Bubzbeauty's vlog, wherein she mentioned doing a personality test online, and it sparked my curiosity to look it up. I took the test at and from the results I found out I am apparently an INFP. I am actually not sure what the abbreviation stands for, but I read the detailed description of what it entails to be one. And yup, they are pretty darn close!

I think your personality traits play a very important role in your everyday life, and I honestly find it really disappointing that society in general does not take this into account. For instance, when it comes to socializing at work or at school, often a certain type behavior is required to fit in and be accepted. If you do not agree with the majority, if you do not care for weekly drinks, or whatever may be the case, you often find yourself excluded from the main group in the end. And while individualism is highly praised in our society, group behavior and belonging to one seem to be equally important for most people.

But of course, not everyone behaves like, feels like, or thinks like the norm. Unfortunately those that are too far from it are often indirectly punished. By not sharing that same need of wanting to fit in with the majority. this can be viewed as being non-social, not a good fit for the organization, or whatever reasons people can think of. I am personally all for getting the work done. Some people prefer working alone, and that is okay as long as they get their job done they were hired for. In the future maybe, personality tests will become a more important part of HR. Not as a tool to find out whether a person is a good fit for the organization, but to also understand the person's work ethic and taking this into regard.

Well, enough rambling for today, I want to end this post by asking you who you are. No, I do not want to push you into doing the test. I would just like to know who my readers are! Please leave a comment below and tell me a bit about yourself. I would like to become an active member of the blogging community, but to do that I need to engage into conversations with others! So please feel free to spam your blog! I will definitely take a look at your blog if you have one.