Sunday, February 15, 2015

I won sushi! (Suvi review)

Hi loves! The other day I entered a FB contest hosted by one of my favorite restaurants to order take-out at named Suvi. And whaddyaknow? I won, lol. I won one of their set menus, that includes a salmon handroll, sashimi, rainbow makis, and some nigiri. They offered me the option to either eat at their restaurant, or to let it be delivered. I opted for the latter (I actually never visited the restaurant), and decided to order some extra sushi while at it.

I pretty much ALWAYS order a tuna handroll, salmon skin makis, ebi tempura makis, and/or the queen rolls (ebi tempura topped w/ salmon sashimi and roe). I have also ordered other dishes to try out, but these are definitely my favorite!

Not only does the restaurant serve Japanese dishes, they are also offer a selection of Vietnamese food. Up until now I have tried their beef phô, ricepaper rolls w/ shrimp and pork,  roastbeef salad, and sweet and sour soup with shrimp.

I think their food is delicious and their (delivery) service is wonderful! I would really recommend you to try out their makis and phô!