Saturday, January 10, 2015

My final stop

Hi loves! To celebrate the launch of my first very own website I thought it would be fun to look back at my journey in the blogging sphere! I have changed my blog numerous times, edited my lay-out constantly, and tried out different platforms. Now that I have reached the age of a quarter century, I feel like I have finally reached a destination where I can truly be a free spirit. My passion for writing started when I was a youngster writing poems to express my feelings and get through bad days. When I was 13, I started writing in my first diary and continued to do so until I was 18. That is when I discovered the world of blogging...

Stop 0: misAyumi

To be completely fair though, Blogger was not the first platform I used as an online diary and creative platform. The first place where I started posting poems and my weekly ramblings on was a Dutch networking platform named 'Hyves'. 

"This is what's keeping me busy daily, being the nerd that I am... I don't know if you *ehm* understand anything of it, most people find it to be too difficult, although it's only a f*cking book. But yeah, here it is: (link to online version of Dante's Divine Comedy). And here are corresponding images for those without visualizing capacity (link to images)" — July 17, 2007

Stop 1: misAyumi loves Willy Wonka (If you want girl next door, go next door!)
"Don't rlly care if ppl read my blogs, it's just that my Hello Kitty-diary pages are full, and typing is so less demanding than actually searching for a good pen to write with.. and you like forget everything u wanted to write.. and cuz you don't want to have too many dead trees and squids (u know like.. inkt nd stuff) written on ur name u don't write everything u want to. So.. that's my excuse for starting a blog =)" — September, 7 2008

On my first official blog I wrote about my new journey of starting university as a business student, my new job as an assistent-accountant, and the regular heartache/headache stuff a girl goes through. 

Stop 2: misAyumi (Pure Imagination: In between worlds)

In 2009 I started a new academic journey, because I was selected for a new progam. In an effort to once again document my life and experiences as a student I promised myself to blog again frequently. I changed my blog name and layout, and stayed there for about 4 years. I wrote about school, my internship, fashion, travelling, my personal life, and developed a love for food photography (aka foodporn).

"This week has been so busy! I'm still a bit tired, but it was all worth it.. Those Cosmo's and Kamikaze's saved my ass during class at 9 am past Wednesday!" — March, 3 2012

Stop 3: EpicureGlam

With my EpicureGlam blog, I decided to ditch all personal content and focus on creating an informative platform. I posted restaurant reviews and style inspirations, with little to no room for any personal ideas. After blogging here for about 4 months, I found out I was accepted for an exchange program abroad! I really wanted to document my entire journey of studying abroad, so I decided to change EpicureGlam into a personal blog.

Stop 4: Epicure from XXX

For about 1.5 years this was my online home, where I shared my experiences as an exchange student, my fascination for food, and behind the scenes stories about my fashion internship. When I went on vacation I became very sick because of my diagnosed IBS, and upon return to home I decided to start new journey to health and document it. 

Stop 5: Skinnyfat Life/Style

Although I thought it would be best for my blog to focus on one subject, I did not want to give up my creative space where I could ramble about fashion and what not. And so I decided to split my blogging persona in two; Skinnyfat Life and Skinnyfat Style. To make my blog even more accessible for readers (mostly family and friends), I even translated most of my posts to Dutch. I have to admit it was a bit of a hassle to juggle two blogs at the same time, and focus on school and my personal life aside from this. I also felt myself slightly limited when it came to my layout, because of the Blogger platform. 

And so, after 7.5 years of blogging, trying to figure out a name that suited it the best, experimenting with lay-outs, subjects, and posting schedules, the time has finally come to give the search a rest. I bundled up all of my experiences and (indefinitely) moved to my last stop;—my online diary and creative platform.