Saturday, January 17, 2015


I mentioned in my bio section that I am quite fickle when it comes to personal style. I am definitely picky when it comes to clothing, but I do not like to be confined to a certain category of styling. Out of all the shifts my wardrobe and appearance have gone through over the years, a few have stuck with me the most, which I will share in another post. Today I would like to look back at my days as a high-schooler, in which my friends and I were heavily obsessed with Japanese streetfashion.

We started a profile page on a social networking site, where we posted lots of pictures with inspiration and our own styles. Every week we painted and decorated our nails to show off, and every once in a blue moon we went on a quest during lunchtime to visit a Japanese store (which sadly closed down) to buy kawaii stuff. Initially we created the page to showcase our quirky styles, but as the page became more and more popular our ambitions for it also grew. Who knew back then that one day technology would have made it possible to actually put some life into those ideas?

Unfortunately, the networking site was shut down and everyone in my group grew up to forget about it. And although I have slightly outgrown the Japanese streetwear style I used to rock back then—bright colored tights and everything—I still get some of my inspiration from Asia. Hereby thus I would like to continue the Tiny Inc. © legacy and post about Japanese streetstyle from my perspective every now and then.



First image by MCC