Sunday, January 18, 2015

Arroz Caldo (congee)

Hi guys! Today I cooked something really easy I have been craving for a while. Rice porridge with chicken and ginger! Which is basically a Filipino version of bubur ayam. Savoury rice porridge is usually served as the Asian version of chicken soup, meaning you typically eat it when you are feeling sick. I never cook it as a 'sick' meal though, I just cook it whenever I feel like it.

The first time I tried to cook this dish, I got the recipe from Allrecipes. I usually stick to the main parts of this recipe, but sometimes I use different types of rice mixed together, and I prefer to use diced chicken filet instead of wings. Because I wanted a bit more flavor going on today, I decided to only use 600 grams of chicken, and added about a 100 grams of mushrooms

For garnish I always use a slice of lemon and scallions. Sometimes I also throw a boiled egg in there for extra flavor.