Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Almost too easy

Hey loves! Today I want to share some of my food favorites that can quickly be turned into a healthy meal. On the topic of health, you might be wondering whether I am on track with my "skinnyfat to fit" transformation, but I will be posting an update soon, so come back regularly!

This easy and hearty meal exists of three components, of which I always switch up the protein side to keep it from becoming repetitive. On the left you can see a salad, that was actually pre-made by Albert Heijn, hehe. It is my new favorite thing to eat!

This Japanese salad is stuffed with rocket, corn salad leaves, raddish, cucumber, and soybeans. It also comes with a soy-ginger dressing and dried seaweed-sesame to sprinkle on top. Maybe some day I will make my own, but for now I prefer the convenience of a store bought salad. It also prevents me from wasting previous produce I cannot finish on time by myself! It costs €2.99 for 238 grams. Because I only use it as a side-dish, I can do about 2-3 three days with it!

On the bottom of my plate, you can spot something starchy. It is actually a mix of (organic) red and white quinoa, with tomatoes and olives by Zonnatura.

The directions say to either heat it all up in a microwave, or au bain marie. I prefer to steam it! I do put in a piece of foil in the steamer, so my quinoa will not fall through the steam holes. Because the flavor is still fairly bland for my taste, despite the ingredients, I always spice it up with some chili powder, salt and pepper. I think I might prepare some soon with onions and garlic, sort of a fried "rice"! I believe I paid less than €2.50 for 250 grams, which is not too bad! I usually keep it to 1/2-1 cup a meal, so I never finish one pack a day by myself. 

And there you have some quick healthy meal inspiration!

p.s. Remember to drink your water everyday!