Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Being Mary Jane inspo (finale)

Hi loves! One of my favorite shows to watch last season was definitely Being Mary Jane. Aside from the story line and acting, an important feature that makes the show stand out to me is the wardrobe styling. I have a weakness for the type of power woman outfits Mary Jane sports on a regular base, and she almost makes me want to dust off the heels in my shoe closet. In awaiting for the second season to finally start I thought I would get us in the mood again with some TV-celeb inspo, showing you all the fab outfits Mary Jane rocked in the first season. Enjoy! Warning: Might contain spoilers!

Episode 9: Uber Love

Today's episode is unfortunately already the last one for this season! Thank you MJ for giving us so much inspiration for our wardrobes!
Outfit 1

Meh. In this scene MJ sat down, so her outfit was not fully shown. Although I must admit that what she is revealing looks promising. 

Outfit 2

Mmm-kay, I already know this is going to be my favourite outfit of this episode. The dress was sexy as hell, but classy at the same time. How often do you see dress revealing so much, that cannot be considered club wear?!

Outfit 3

MJ casual time! A pretty "young" outfit, but she wore it well. I really liked the jacket, although the back was cut a bit too high for me. BTW, I love it when she wears her hair up!

Outfit 4

I am officially wow-ed! The orange top/dress looks absolutely breathtaking on her. Too bad we were not shown what she had on underneath.

Outfit 5

MJ's last outfit of the season is super casual, with the exception of those grey killer heels. Ah, I always claim not to be a jeans and T kind of girl, but how can you ever wrong with perfectly fitting jeans and a tight wifebeater? Can I have those jeans please?

Let me know in a comment what your favorite outfit was from the eight episode! My vote is for that stunning black dress (#2), and well because it looked so good on her, MJ's casual-chique #5.

Until next season!


First image by BET