Sunday, November 2, 2014

Punishment (update #2)

What have I been up to the past weeks you might wonder.


I have been trying my (utter) best to stay updated with my readings for class in order to pump up my grade average. I recently started a class on a topic new to me, which requires a lot of time and effort. Luckily I can tell you that my time spent studying for exams was worth it, seen as I scored some awesome grades. A negative side effect from exam week though, is that I always tend to stuff my face with whatever keeps me awake. I cannot focus on my readings prepping for exams, without chewing on some candy or a snack. I get easily distracted when it comes to studying for exam week. I was a great fan of wine gums this semester.

Aside from prepping for exams and being busy with school, of course I did not stop cooking. Like I mentioned earlier, not everything I cook turns out picture worthy (I ain't no damn photographer, duh). So what have I been cooking? Thyme lemon chicken, chili lime chicken, onion pork chops, cookie brownies (exam week, hello), countless attempts of baking Paleo pancakes (to no avail), eggplant pizza, vegetable soup, sweet and sour soup, cannelloni, roasted butternut squash. And probably a lot more.

Unfortunately I have not been able to make the raw cheesecake yet, because I cannot seem to get my hands on a bottle of vanilla extract!


p.s. The other day I did not give a damn and ate 1/4 of a Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough pint. Whaddyaknow, within a few hours volcanoes began to pop out of nowhere on my forehead and temples. I am not sure whether it was the sugar rush or the dairy, seen as I had been eating Greek yogurt the days before. Greek yogurt is supposedly very low in lactose, and seen as I did not get any cramps because of it, I declared it to be a safe indulgence.