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History of shoes (AW14 shoe trends + shopping)

Whoever said history is a boring subject? With this timeline of 10 shoe trends straight from the AW14 catwalk I will take you back into time and show you how to rock timeless fashions from the 20's up until now! Click down below for every decade's shoe style icon and some fun facts.


Inspiration: Louise Brooks

The roaring twenties were all about getting your feet off the floor! Dancing, prancing, and most importantly flapping (!) were best accompanied by a pair of cute t-straps. Because of the straps you were safe from the embarrassment of losing a shoe during one of your special moves (God forbid!).

Inspiration: Jean Harlow

The strappy sandal trend luckily still reigned in the 30's, but this time the placement of straps was not restricted to the shape of a T!

Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn's love for shoes was so big that she even once said that if you give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world. 

Kitten heels1950's
Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

The famous stiletto heeled shoe was invented in the fifties and became very popular in a short time. Little girls emulated their mothers' love for this trend by wearing versions with miniature heels!

Inspiration: Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis 

As a First Lady, Jackie started wearing shorter heels and flats to prevent from being taller than diplomats of other countries!

Platforms 1970's
Inspiration: Beyoncé as Foxxy Cleopatra

Beyoncé's "whole lotta woman" Austin Powers character was inspired by seventies actress Pam Grier's legendary role as Foxy Brown.

Inspiration: Olivia Newton-John as Sandy

Who does not know this epic scene in which good girl Sandy got a total badass makeover, including high-waisted leggings and feisty red heels!? No doubt Olivia was the reason behind the popularity of mules in the eighties. However, the first woman to make mules a hit item was no one other than Marilyn Monroe!

Inspiration: Clueless' Cher Horowitz

We áre talking about shoes here, mmkay! Mary-Janes were nothing new, they were rocked since the Renaissance (by men and women). However, it was not until Cher combined her thick heeled Mary-Janes with a pair of knee-high socks that these shoes became cute and sexy.

Stiletto pumps 2000's
Inspiration: SJP/Carrie Brawshaw

As mentioned above, the stiletto heel was already trending in the fifties, but with SATC Carrie's obsession for Manolo Blahniks they certainly made a huge comeback!

Black ankle boots2010's
Inspiration: Cara Delevingne

You can hardly ever go wrong with black booties! You can wear them out on a night or with a pair of thick black tights underneath a dress on those colder days. The options are endless, and also are the styles they come in!


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