Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Mary Jane inspo (Eps 4)

Hi loves! One of my favorite shows to watch last season was definitely Being Mary Jane. Aside from the story line and acting, an important feature that makes the show stand out to me is the wardrobe styling. I have a weakness for the type of power woman outfits Mary Jane sports on a regular base, and she almost makes me want to dust off the heels in my shoe closet. In awaiting for the second season to finally start I thought I would get us in the mood again with some TV-celeb inspo, showing you all the fab outfits Mary Jane rocked in the first season. Enjoy! Warning: Might contain spoilers!

Episode 4: The Huxtables Have Fallen

Outfit 1

Talk about embarrasing! At least her outfit was on point... I loved the top's halter neckline and ruffles.

Outfit 2

I always think black looks good on MJ, so I cannot bad mouth the outfit. I was not wow-ed, but it was a gorgeous dress nonetheless. 

Outfit 3

Simple, yet eye-catching. I could appreciate this number, even with the lack of accessoires. 

Outfit 4

Pretty teal. Elegant, simple. Love the contrast with the red purse, so I was pretty much sold. 

Outfit 5

Love the ripped jeans and the white jacket. I believe she wore the jacket once already, but on a dress. A-ok with me!

Let me know in a comment what your favorite outfit was from the fourth episode! I vote for the last two, because I think the color contrast between her red purse and teal dress was beautiful, and I just really liked her latter casual chique outfit.


First image by BET